Maynard Muntzing

When 33-year-old paramedic Michelle Baker fell pregnant, her lover, Dr Maynard Muntzing, appeared thrilled with the news. He immediately whisked her off to a tropical island with lavish promises of marriage and a happy life together. However little did Michelle know, Muntzing actually wanted to reunite himself with his ex-partner, Tammy Erwin. Muntzing found reason to suspend the wedding for the time being, and soon Michelle fell ill, suffering from severe cramps and light bleeding. Naturally concerned about this, she visited her doctor once she returned to Ohio, though the doctor informed her that there was nothing to worry about. Feeling reassured, despite the continuing problems, she returned home to her partner, who purchased a great luxurious home for the two of them.

One day Michelle was listening to the radio when she heard a record request from a caller who sounded suspiciously like Muntzing, who was supposed to be out of town staying in Columbus. Already suspicious about her partner’s ex, Michelle drove to Tammy’s house, where she found Muntzing. A confrontation ensued, however he managed to convince Michelle that he wanted to be with her and he had no feelings for Tammy. After Michelle accepted this, and they went home.

However the nausea, bleeding and stomach cramps continued, and soon Michelle came to the conclusion that she was being poisoned. She took a sample of a drink Muntzing had prepared her to the local police station for it to be analysed. Results showed that the drink contain cytotec, a drug known to cause abortions, premature births or birth defects when administered to pregnant women. Unfortunately this was not sufficient evidence to convict him, as there was no proof that Muntzing had actually made the drink, so a camera was set up in the couple’s house. This camera, covertly located in the kitchen, caught Muntzing red-handed as he prepared one of his cytotec cocktails for Michelle. Muntzing was arrested and the drink analysed, proving suspicions that it contained the substance. More vials of cytotec were found in his car.

Muntzing cut a deal and served only 5 years in prison, though lost his medical license. He was also originally charged with the attempted murder of the unborn baby, though this did not make it to court. Unfortunately, Michelle’s health was severely affected by the poisoning, and she gave birth to a stillborn child a few weeks before the trial.